South Colorado’s EEO Public Information


KBWA / KFWA / KJWA / KRWA / WAY Media, Inc

1400 W 122nd Ave

Westminster, CO 80234

Nov 17, 2020

The purpose of this EEO Statement is to comply with Section 73.2080(c)(6)
of the FCC’s EEO Rule. This statement has been prepared on behalf of:

Station: KBWA – Brush

City of License: Brush, CO


Station: KFWA

City of License: Weldona, CO


Station: KJWA

City of License: Trinidad, CO


Station: KRWA

City of License: Rye, CO


Each station has fewer than 5 full-time employees

As of Nov 2020


KBWA / KFWA / KJWA / KRWA are exempt from EEO requirements