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We all do it… We get busy with our own lives

At WAY-FM, we are more than individuals just trying  to make it.  We are a community of believers who are seeking to live out our faith on a daily basis.  This video will challenge you to refocus on who the center of our lives should be. … Continue reading

Caring for Communities With Jesus’ Love

In response to the pandemic, your WayFM stations around the country have been stepping up to encourage people and show Jesus’ love in action to their local communities.

Together with friends like you, your WayFM partnered with local ministries to thank frontline workers, host socially distant church services, and help those in need.

Here are just a few examples of the impact you’re providing around the country through your local WayFM stations…

  • Operation Beef Stew with a Soldier’s Child – Delivering beef stew meals to military families who’ve lost a parent in battle. This program helped provide food to these single-parent families struggling with financial insecurities and job loss during COVID-19 lockdowns.

  • Beyond Our Wall – A drive-in church service in partnership with 16 local churches, onsite at the local fairgrounds. People in 4,500+ cars were in attendance, and we were able to broadcast the service live on our local frequency so everyone tuned in to WayFM to hear the service from their cars.

  • Signs of Hope campaign – Your WayFM team was able to visit several locations around Nashville and thank workers for their service throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions: people at hospitals, restaurants, home improvement stores, and grocery stores.

  • The Community Way – You helped make it possible for your WayFM to partner with various nonprofits and highlight our combined efforts through a video series we created called “The Community Way.” The conversations were focused on how these charities and ministries were helping their communities during the pandemic and connecting people in need with the local organizations equipped to assist them.
  • Delivering meals to the elderly community and picking up groceries to drop off at a food pantry for families in need.


Your support makes all of the above initiatives possible. So thank you!

You’re Lifting Hearts in This Crisis

“People are hurting so badly right now. [But] this station helps me so much.”

Kelsey’s story shows how important it is to have a voice of hope in your life, especially now. She’s grateful for how you’ve help bring that to her through your WayFM when she needed it the most. She shares…

“I lost my dad unexpectedly to COVID-19 two months ago after a three-week battle at a local hospital – and then recently lost one of my closest childhood friends from substance abuse.”

How do you deal with a double whammy like that? Thanks to friends like you, WayFM is Kelsey’s soundtrack so she can hear meaningful music and honest conversation that points her to Jesus every single day. What she said next is only possible because of you. She says:

“I look forward to listening and whether it’s that piece of advice I needed to hear or I am suffering in moments of sadness, the worship and encouraging words always help guide me back to His light.”

Of course, having a laugh and feeling part of your WayFM family helps heal her heart too! She adds:

“I love Wally’s sense of humor and how the whole team balances important, serious life lessons from Scripture with funny, real-life situations we all face in a way that reminds us we are all connected and in it together.

“We are not meant to live in fear. We are meant to live in love and peace which can only be sustained by Jesus. So I pray everyone finds that unconditional love I am grateful to have known for years and have every day.”

She. Gets. It. Yes, Kelsey says, “People are hurting so badly right now.” But she’s determined to live in the hope of Christ, which unifies us through His unconditional love. When you support your WayFM, you’re helping  spread Jesus’ love on-air and online.

So thank you for your investment that helps keep meaningful music and honest conversation going out to  people, pointing them to the eternal love of Jesus.


Why I’m Thankful at a Time Like This


By Wally, The Wally Show

When I think of COVID-19, one word that comes to mind is thankful!

I know that might seem odd in the face of all the fear and uncertainty associated with this disease. However, for me I’m truly thankful. I’m thankful my family and I have been spared the very real hardship associated with this virus that has affected so many people.

Sure, we had trouble getting toilet paper at first, but if that’s your worst problem, you’re doing pretty well.

I’m thankful that I’ve been able to continue coming into work every day and do something that matters with my friends Bekah, Betty, and Gavin. We’ve purposely decided to continue being a place of hope for people who might feel hopeless. We use a combination of music, humor, and heart, and the thing I’m really encouraged by is that it’s working!

We hear stories from people every day who are genuinely thankful that your WayFM is there for them:

“WayFM has helped me every day!” —Joanne“You guys are positive, and you keep it real without preaching at me.” —Josh

“I lost my best friend. She was murdered, and I was angry at God, but I kept you guys on and it was kind of that beacon and that voice of hope. I was able to find some joy and even laughter with you guys on the morning show. It would remind me of the way [my friend] Jess used to make me laugh!”—Candace

“You love everybody. So, you are our station. I don’t know how we found you, but we are glad we did.” —Nicole

I’m thankful God allows you and me to play some small role in the hearts He’s reaching out to and comforting. I’m thankful for all the people behind the scenes of the ministry of WayFM, like you, who are committed to helping people.

Lastly, I’m thankful for our thermometer at work that provided one of my favorite funny moments during the coronavirus.

I was taking Betty’s temperature for her and she asked, “What’s it say?” It was almost as if this inanimate thermometer suddenly understood great comedy and said… LO!

In the Middle of Death and Family Conflict, Rachel Found Hope.

When you give, you are WAY-FM. You make stories like Rachel’s possible. Thank you.

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“I’m Rachel from Bowling Green, KY and I am WAY-FM.

I’ve been a single mom most of my life. I was married twice. My first husband didn’t work out – a divorce. My second husband died.

I look back on my life, I have multiple children, I have several grandchildren. I got a Bible from WAY-FM and I gave it to my oldest daughter. And we just have a lot of family issue going on, but I know everyday that I should never give up. And it just kind of helps lift me up to remember even in my darkest moments.

Even when my husband died, it was just there. It was like every song was specifically written for me and to keep going and to keep going after he died.”


How Karen Found Hope in the Middle of Suicidal Thoughts

Karen's Story

When you give, you are WAY-FM. You make stories like Karen’s possible. Thank you.

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“I’ve been battling depression since my teens. I’ve had a couple other times where I had plans to end my life.

Then [WAY-FM] called and then they asked if they could pray for me. And I said, “No, nothing matters anymore” or “It won’t help.” But without WAY-FM offering to pray for me, I would not be here.

So, I owe WAY-FM my life.

And that’s why I decided to donate.”


You Can See the Power of Music Through Jenny’s Story


When you give, you are WAY-FM. You make stories like Jenny’s possible. Thank you.

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“Hi, I’m Jenny from Mt. Pleasant, SC and I am WAY-FM.

My son has suffered from heroine addiction for the last 12-13 years. 19 months ago, he chose to enroll in Teen Challenge and to work on beating his addiction.

He ended up leading the worship team at the Teen Challenge program that he was in! And my son now is engaged to be married and has a future and hope and it’s through music and giving his life over to God!

And WAY-FM has just changed me. I don’t listen to anything else anymore. It’s just moved me. You just have no idea how big of an impact theses songs and this music… it’s encouraging… and how much it affects all of us. And I just wanted to say thank you.” 


Why You Should Never Underestimate the Power of a Song

Blog Image Concert

You never know the power of a word or a song. We loved hearing Ashton’s story about how God used just the right combination of these two things to keep her on a path of LIFE!

I have been listening to WAY-FM for a long time (longer than I can remember), but it has always been off and on.

I heard Oceans by Hillsong for the first time when my pastor and his wife played it during our worship time at my church.

I had not been listening to WAY-FM at the time, but that song really made me think of it again. My church drive is 45 minutes long and I kept not wanting to listen to Christian music for whatever reason. When I heard the song Oceans played that morning at church, I left feeling excited and fired up.

I turned on your station and the first song I heard was Oceans! The DJ was Joy.

Oceans has changed my life and I now listen to WAY-FM all the time. Joy has also changed my life because of how down-to-earth she is all the time.

I cannot tell you how much I need to hear the things Joy says when she says them. I struggle with depression and I have really been contemplating the worst for my life. When I hear Carlos and Joy on my drive home from work every day and Joy on Sundays, not only do they remind me of the day I heard Oceans for the first time, but I am also reminded about how God has placed Joy there to speak the love of God to my life. I feel like Joy’s heart has made me steer away from negativity and depression and it has also shown me the love of God through her. I love laughing with Joy as well as hearing her pour out her heart.

Joy has been the love of God to me and I am so thankful for her and the ministry of WAY-FM confirming to me that God is with me, even when I feel alone or depressed.

– Ashton

Thanks for listening, loving, and supporting Christian radio and the music we play! You really do make a huge impact!


These Adorable Twins Are Already Telling the Glory of God

We received this story from Jonathan and, wow, we’re grateful that he was willing to share it!

I heard the song, “My Story” by Big Daddy Weave and I immediately wanted to share my story with you guys.! Like this song, my story reflects the story of Christ the King in many ways.

December 23, 2015 my wife and I had two beautiful little girls. They’ll be 3 months old this month! Anyone that has raised children know it’s not an easy task with one – much less two!

We were recently told one of our girls has what they call Craniosynostosis which is a birth defect causing one or more sutures in the skull to form. It can quickly causing abnormal head shaping. If left untreated it could potentially lead to mental health issues and serious pain for our baby. The only way to fix it is surgery to remove those sutures.


As we sit at the doctors office today for a check up on our other baby, our pediatrician asked my wife how she was. When she answered, “I’m ok” he asked again. “Are you sure you’re ok?” Again she replied, with a smile on her face, “I’m really ok.”

This isn’t easy. We’re up all hours of the night. When one sleeps sometimes the other doesn’t. We tend to find ourselves exhausted and now we’re facing surgery on our three month old baby.

What that pediatrician said next was this: “For what it’s worth, you are both amazing parents for taking all of their troubles so well and loving them unconditionally no matter what.” My wife and I walk by faith. We always have and this is no different. No matter the difficulties we face, we face them knowing our Father loves us and he blessed us with two little beautiful girls for a reason! As we go through these hard times we try to comfort them when they hurt, we try to feed them when they are hungry, we try to clean them when they feel dirty, and we will always be there to pick them up when they fall.

That sounds an awful lot like the Lord we love so much. He is and always will be there to lift us, clean us, feed us, and protect us and let me tell you, for what it’s worth, he can be the best father you will ever know if you allow him to be!

No matter how hard things get remember to walk by faith and always remember that if you can do that, then one day tell your story, you will be telling of him!


I just want to thank God for our babies, for the most amazing wife to raise them with, and for WAY-FM for allowing me to reach out to others and let them know how great God is! Please pray for our little one as we climb this hill and when we get to the top we will give praise together!

One Thing Helping This Mom with Her Daughter’s Medical Battle

Jenifer is an awesome member of the WAY-FM family through her financial support and conversation. She saw God work in some really cool ways while her daughter battled some serious health problems. This is her story.


I want to thank you so much for being so uplifting and such a rock in my family’s life.

My 6 year old daughter, Emma, has been through a lot of medical challenges in the past 2 years. You always bring a smile to our face and remind us that God is an amazing God!

Two Christmases ago, when Wally and crew came to Tallahassee for the Wally Jolly Christmas tour, Emma had just gotten out of the hospital. She had been looking so forward to going to see Wally, but we weren’t sure if she’d be out of the hospital.

A friend reached out to Wally about Emma being sick and Wally made her feel so special by calling her. Then, she got to meet him at the concert and he gave her a Frozen ornament. When we brought her Frozen ornament out this year to hang it on her tree, she recounted with such joy what a wonderful moment that was. She loved so much how he sang a Frozen song with her on the phone, too!


She loves WAY FM so much and I love that the music you play fills her with the message of a loving Savior!

Last week, we got a call from a WAY FM staff member. We happened to be in the car on our way to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, FL for the latest of Emma’s surgeries. I explained to the lady that we were on our way to another town for Emma’s surgery. She was absolutely amazing and offered to pray with us.

At that moment, she led us in prayer over the Bluetooth speaker in our car and my whole family was so uplifted by that. She also offered to put Emma on your prayer list.


After her surgery, Emma asked me if Wally was praying for her. I assured her that not only Wally, but WAY-FM was praying for her.

I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for making a difference in our life. Thank you for making a difference in my children’s lives. Even my 3 year old son is starting to sing the songs on your station. You are so much more than a radio station to our family. You are hope. You are inspiration. You are a role model to my kids. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Blessings & Love,


Thanks for sharing your story, Jenifer! You and your family are a blessing.



How a Simple Act of Love Changed Lila’s Entire Day


You never know what other people are going through. Sometimes a simple gesture of kindness can remind them God is here and will never leave us! That’s what happened when one of our listeners joined us for the Drive-Thru Difference! Lila’s story is an incredible example of what a simple act of love can do.

I just went through the Starbucks drive-thru in Madison, Alabama. Little did I know that the person in front of me paid for my drink. I want to thank that angel for showing me light in a very dark time of my life and reminding me God is here.

It meant the world to me!

I have had the worst week of my life. Things with my ex-husband aren’t going well. He keeps taking my boys even though I have full legal and physical custody. I cannot seem to make the FBI or law enforcement understand that what he is doing is wrong.

I just wanted my angel to know that he was a light of Jesus in my darkest times. Thank you so much!

(Photo by calvin w)