A New Believer’s Story

I always thought “Christian” music was boring, but I got introduced to your station when I was in a program called “Teen Challenge.” I have struggled with addiction issues all my life. I thought i would just cruise through this program, but God had a different plan. While in Teen Challenge God turned my life upside down!!

I was broken inside and out. But God picked up my pieces and put them back together the way they are supposed to be. He filled the void that I was trying to fill with drugs and alcohal. He has lifted me up and restored my family and everything that I once lost. He gave it back to me and more! This radio station has helped me throughout my Christian walk. Wally has helped me out with how real he is with his walk. I would like to thank Wally for being real and staying that way.

Keep up the good work guys and thank you all for hard work and kepping Jesus streaming all over the world.

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