This Ordeal Has Only Strengthened My Faith – A Story of Hope

I am 24 years old and 7 weeks ago I was rushed to the emergency room because my entire right foot was turning white; it was getting hardly any blood or oxygen to it. Within an hour I was in surgery and have had 3 surgeries since then. I have severe artery damage due to many blood clots and other ailments. The doctors are saying there is no way to repair my leg and within a year I will have to have it amputated below the knee. My family and I have just been turned upside down because of this.  The funny thing is they are taking it a lot harder than me.

I am really the only Christian in my family and they are starting to see (accept) just how strong and powerful my faith is and that this ordeal has only strengthened it. When all of this started happening, I just kept saying over and over, “It is in God’s hands.  Whatever He hands me will only make me stronger.” Everything about WAY-FM has truly touched my heart and is a big part of my life. With this station I can worship God everywhere and know that He is still with me. I don’t know what I would do without ya’ll.

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