Heart Of David – A Struggling Believer’s Story

I have been listening to this station since I was 8 Years-Old. Without this station, my heart would would continue to stumble. It is the works of your station–The power of God’s love–That has kept bringing my heart away from this world, and onto the hands of our Savior.

By the influence of WAY-FM, my clouded eyes begin to see through the darkness, filled with love by hearing HIS voice calling out to me. With WAY-FM, and with GOD, I was able to overcome emotional struggles with my pass regressions: physical and mental abuse, learning how to grow up at a young age. I kept everything hidden inside my heart; I would never allow someone to see me struggle on the outside. But inside, I was screaming. Coming to God at 17-years old, I was born again. But I began to fall, over and over again, never able to get back that love I wanted.

While I was in a swirling state of depression, screaming in tears at God,asking the reasons why,holding on to my last shred of sanity and shaking with extreme agony, you played “Lead Me by Sanctus Real, and “You are More by Tenth Avenue.

I felt the impact of these songs, and I could not help but feel HIM.  I was begging for forgiveness, filled with that righteous fire of HIS presence.

Thank you, WAY-FM with all my heart.  I know my God has not forgotten me. He knows my heart.

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