I Love God- A Young Believer’s Story

My oldest son’s father was killed in a car accident this last December just before Christmas. It was a hard thing for him (a seven year old) to understand. Since then, he has begun to ask questions about God and heaven, seeking as much as he can so he can “be closer to his daddy”. I have been taking both my boys to church every Sunday now and they have gotten to where they look forward to going. I also listen to your radio station all the time while in the car. They have begun to sing along to the songs and dance too. It is a joyous sight to see. My youngest is two and he loves the song Speak Life by TobyMac. We were at church this last week and when I went to pick up my oldest he was so excited to show me what he drew. He walked me over to a picture of two characters. He said momma this is me (pointing to the smaller of the two) and this is God (pointing to the bigger one) and above the characters he wrote “I love God”. Thank you all so much for teaching my children about God’s grace and helping me put a positive and encouraging foundation in their lives. I am one happy mother!!

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