I started to think there wasn’t a point in following Jesus

When I was fourteen I began struggling with depression.

I tried everything from medication to psychiatrists to getting into some things I shouldn’t have. By the age of seventeen, it had gotten dark for me. I had stopped going to church and started to think that there wasn’t a point to following Jesus.

Then, one day, I got sick. Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Through the nausea and sick and pain, I heard a voice, a voice calling me to cast off all that pain I had been holding and follow. After a couple recovery days at the hospital I started going to church again, I read my bible with a hunger for God’s grace. Only a week or so after, I discovered WAY-FM which has been such a blessing.

I am now 18 and God is really working in my life right now, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you all at Way so much! God bless you Wally, Joy, Carlos, Brant, and all the rest of you!

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