Often it is the door to very meaningful conversations… I am WAY-FM

I am always encouraged to hear your heart for the Lord and for people. It really comes across to me and to my kiddos, 6 and 8. They take note of the lyrics and often it is the door to have very meaningful conversations. Getting songs stuck in our head can carry us through a trying day. The songs are honoring, Christ-centered, loaded with humility, and uplifting. I am especially encouraged by your partnering with Compassion. I have sponsored a child since I was 13 (I heard about it at a Michael W. Smith concert) with my baby sitting money. As a family we now sponsor more children and know that that Compassion trip is really a dream trip of a lifetime. Lord willing, we will see our Compassion kiddos in Haiti and the Dominican Republic face-to-face one day. Keep doing what you are doing. We will continue to pray for and financially support your ministry.

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