I am accepting my circumstances. I am WAY-FM

I can’t even count the times that the music and people on WAYFM have given me what I needed to just continue on with that day. Just recently, I was in a terrible job. My health was even starting to be affected by the stress and misery. I wanted so badly to quit and just be a stay-at-home mom, but we couldn’t afford it. After 3 days at home with my kids for snow days, I quickly realized that staying at home wasn’t exactly ideal either. 🙂 The next day back at work was Valentine’s Day. I heard Joy talking about being content with where God has you. She was talking about relationships, but it meant so much more to me. I decided right then to accept my job as a blessing and know that God had me there for a reason. That afternoon at 4pm, I got a call for an interview! I’m now in a job that I love. I truly believe that God is using WAY-FM in my life.

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