The Lord was looking out for us

For the last 3 years this had been the only station that was on in my car as I drove my middle school aged kids all over creation.  They loved it and it opened up many conversations about God, social issues, and overcoming adversity.

We recently moved from our Portland, OR area home to a new location that is 45 minutes out of broadcast range. We tried other stations, but we all agree that Wally is what made our mornings so impactful. We were pretty lost.

Our move has been a little tough as we moved away from our three older children (they had graduated and are attending college) and my younger two miss them and the family dynamic that was.

This morning I was especially missing home, my kids, and my old job and decided to download the app. I am so incredibly excited to play this in the car tomorrow morning on our way to school!

Thank you so much for being inspired to do this as it will give us a bit of home as we establish our new and different one. I know the Lord was looking out for us even before we knew He was.

I was taught that the worth of souls is great in the sight of God and to bring one soul to Christ was a huge deal. The Wally show crew is a missionary type service and they have brought many souls to Christ, including mine, and in turn my children.

Please continue to let the Lord guide you in the show. You are my church right now and we as a family love you.

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