These Adorable Twins Are Already Telling the Glory of God

We received this story from Jonathan and, wow, we’re grateful that he was willing to share it!

I heard the song, “My Story” by Big Daddy Weave and I immediately wanted to share my story with you guys.! Like this song, my story reflects the story of Christ the King in many ways.

December 23, 2015 my wife and I had two beautiful little girls. They’ll be 3 months old this month! Anyone that has raised children know it’s not an easy task with one – much less two!

We were recently told one of our girls has what they call Craniosynostosis which is a birth defect causing one or more sutures in the skull to form. It can quickly causing abnormal head shaping. If left untreated it could potentially lead to mental health issues and serious pain for our baby. The only way to fix it is surgery to remove those sutures.


As we sit at the doctors office today for a check up on our other baby, our pediatrician asked my wife how she was. When she answered, “I’m ok” he asked again. “Are you sure you’re ok?” Again she replied, with a smile on her face, “I’m really ok.”

This isn’t easy. We’re up all hours of the night. When one sleeps sometimes the other doesn’t. We tend to find ourselves exhausted and now we’re facing surgery on our three month old baby.

What that pediatrician said next was this: “For what it’s worth, you are both amazing parents for taking all of their troubles so well and loving them unconditionally no matter what.” My wife and I walk by faith. We always have and this is no different. No matter the difficulties we face, we face them knowing our Father loves us and he blessed us with two little beautiful girls for a reason! As we go through these hard times we try to comfort them when they hurt, we try to feed them when they are hungry, we try to clean them when they feel dirty, and we will always be there to pick them up when they fall.

That sounds an awful lot like the Lord we love so much. He is and always will be there to lift us, clean us, feed us, and protect us and let me tell you, for what it’s worth, he can be the best father you will ever know if you allow him to be!

No matter how hard things get remember to walk by faith and always remember that if you can do that, then one day tell your story, you will be telling of him!


I just want to thank God for our babies, for the most amazing wife to raise them with, and for WAY-FM for allowing me to reach out to others and let them know how great God is! Please pray for our little one as we climb this hill and when we get to the top we will give praise together!

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