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How do I donate to WAY-FM?

Any way you choose! Our most convenient method is the EasyWAY™ (credit or debit card). You can do that now securely online with ongoing Monthly gifts and/or Single gifts of any size.

Or if you prefer to use a check, you can make it payable to WAY-FM and mail it to our office address found on this website. We’ll respond back to you by mail, and provide another opportunity for you to donate your next gift.

Or you can call us anytime to donate over the phone the EasyWAY™, or to make a pledge.

Regardless how you donate, we will respond with a regular “statement” called an Impact Partner Update that reports back to you what your support is accomplishing, shows your giving history, and gives you an opportunity to make any changes in your giving, or to give again.

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Can I give directly via my bank routing and account number?

Yes, however, due to new NACHA (the governing body for all bank transfer transactions) regulations, we are required to have either written or recorded verbal confirmation before we are allowed to start deducting your donation from your account. Current bank transfer donors will receive communication from our office if we do not already have this confirmation on file.

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How do I know that WAY-FM is handling my donation responsibly?

WAY-FM submits itself to several independent nonprofit corporations that evaluate charities based on fiscal responsibility and ethical practices. WAY-FM is in excellent standing with the Evangelical Counsel for Financial Accountability and their Standards for Responsible Stewardship and enjoys the maximum 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator President & CEO, Ken Berger, noted that, “WAY-FM outperforms most other charities… and demonstrates to the public that WAY-FM is worthy of their trust.”

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What is the EasyWAY™ to give?

This simply means an easy way to donate using your credit or debit card. We believe donating the EasyWAY™ benefits us both. You get some of your life back without having to spend your time writing checks and buying stamps, so it’s more convenient. Plus your gifts go to work faster at WAY-FM. WAY-FM benefits because it lowers our administrative costs of processing your gifts, and we can budget smarter because we have a better idea of what donations to expect.

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If I already have a monthly pledge with WAY-FM, do I need to renew my pledge every 6 months or every year?

No. We will assume your ongoing monthly pledge is just that: ongoing. This is because you want WAY-FM to count on your support every month. Every so often we will ask if you want to continue at your same level of giving, or invite you to consider increasing your amount. At those times or at any time, you are free to let us know what you want to do: continue at your same amount, change your amount, or discontinue. This helps us become better stewards of your gifts by planning and budgeting accordingly.

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Who are Impact Partners?

Everyone who donates financially is considered a partner in ministry with us because they are making a real impact on the lives of others in their community. So individuals who do this are Impact Partners! And when organizations like businesses, churches and other organizations support WAY-FM, they are referred to as Business Impact Partners.

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Who Can Partner with WAY-FM?

Anyone can partner with WAY-FM. Especially those whose heart beats with ours to see more of this generation love and follow Jesus.

Our financial partners, at every level, provide the all-important ongoing support needed to help reach thousands of lives every day. People donate in a variety of ways: single gifts, monthly gifts, by check, securely online, through their business, through a community or private family foundation, large-size gifts, and especially the EasyWAY™ (credit or debit card).

Volunteering is another way you can partner with WAY-FM. Volunteers are the backbone of the work of the ministry working at our concerts, in the office and studios, and throughout our community sharing with others about WAY-FM’s impact.

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What can I expect after I donate to WAY-FM?

You'll get a friendly and timely ‘thank you’ response from us. We believe that you will experience a personal fulfillment from knowing we are in this ministry together. We are getting to impact thousands of teenagers and young adults every day in our community for Jesus! If you are new to WAY-FM’s ministry, you will also receive our 'Welcome Brochure.'

Accordingly, you will begin receiving your Impact Partner Update on a regular basis. In it we will report back to you what your support is accomplishing, show your giving history, and give you an opportunity to make any changes in your giving, or to give again. There is also a regular WAYMore e-newsletter for those who do more than listen. You can request to receive it by clicking here.

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How does WAY-FM use my donation?

Your gift is used immediately to keep WAY-FM on-the-air 24/7. It begins impacting you and thousands of others in our community, giving you the opportunity to make a difference, join other causes and especially grow in your personal faith each day!

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What is the main purpose of WAY-FM's ministry?

WAY-FM is a non-profit, faith-based and donor-supported organization, whose unique Mission is to use media in a culturally relevant way to influence this generation to love and follow Jesus.

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Why does WAY-FM do what they do?

We feel called by God to use our resources and experiences as media professionals and communicators to reach this impressionable generation and influence them to love and follow Jesus.

Some of our own staff including a senior executive chose to follow Jesus through Christian rock music. For us, this is more than a job, but truly a cause; a timely ministry for our culture.

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Does WAY-FM ever use a third party call center to reach donors?

Yes, WAY-FM partners with a trusted organization called MDS that we feel shares our Christian values. Because of this partnership, WAY-FM is able to reach more of our donors with important ministry updates than would be possible on our own. If you ever have any questions, you can call WAY-FM directly at 866-457-9293 during regular business hours and we would be happy to answer them.

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If I gave a gift via Text2Give, how do I receive a donation receipt?

Text2Give donations are tax deductible; however, because it is tied to your phone bill, they are also anonymous. WAY-FM will not receive your personal information and cannot create a receipt for you. You will need to keep your phone bill as a receipt for this gift.

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