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The Parenting Advice You’ve Never Heard That Will Set You Free

Parenting is hard and there is so much advice out there. Most of it comes across the same. Do more. Do less. Get it right. Most parenting advice leaves you feeling like a failure. This is why I as SO drawn to the advice from author Scarlet Hiltibidal that says failure is actually good when you use it to teach your kids about the gospel.   Don’t miss the full conversation about conquering fear in… … Continue reading

3 Things I Wish I Could Tell My High School Self

Prom season is here and my parents recently dug up this old photo of me which brought back a flood of memories. Do you ever wish you could go back and talk to your younger self? Just to share wisdom and comfort to your young soul. I certain do! Here are the top 3 things I wish I could tell my high school self and maybe you will relate. You are enough.  You are created… … Continue reading

3 Keys to Stop Words from Becoming Weapons of Mass Destruction

Over the last few days we’ve chatted about “The 15 Things Wives Should Stop Doing” and “The 40 Things Husbands Should Stop Doing” on the show. We saw everything from hate mail and disgust to love and thank you’s for posting theses lists online for people to find in hopes of improving their marriages. But it got me thinking…will people actually use these lists for self improvement or as marriage weapons of mass destruction? These… … Continue reading

Horrible Dating Advice

Thank you Relevant Magazine and Eric Demeter for reminding us that not all dating advice is created equal. Some things we hear from well meaning friends and family can actually be pretty horrible advice. For instance… #1 You’ll Meet “The One” When You Stop Looking. People often respond with this pithy maxim when, in their opinion, someone they know is struggling with singleness “purgatory” or perhaps has been putting too much effort into finding a… … Continue reading