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3 Awesome Things That Will Make You Love Unspoken Even More!

You already know Unspoken are coming to Panama City October 1st with The Afters, Chris August, and Among the Thirsty! But there’s a lot you may not know about Unspoken. Here are 3 behind the scene secrets about one of your favorite WAY-FM artists! 1. International Mission Unspoken was actually born outside of the United States in the Dominican Republic! Lead singer Chad Mattison met guitarist Mike Gomez while on a mission trip! Chad was… … Continue reading

How To Create The Perfect Time of My Life Playlist

The Time of My Life Tour will be at Hiland Park Baptist Church October 1st with The Afters, Unspoken, Chris August, and Among The Thirsty. It’s going to be like a WAY-FM greatest hits album – LIVE! Don’t believe us? Here’s just a SAMPLE: 1. Unspoken – Good Fight   2. The Afters – Broken Hallelujah   3. Chris August – The Maker   4. Unspoken – Start A Fire   5. The Afters -… … Continue reading

The Real Story Behind “Completely” by Among the Thirsty

Ryan was very honest with us. And that’s what made his story behind the song “Completely” (by Among the Thirsty) all the more powerful. The song came from a time in his life where he hit rock bottom and gained what he calls, “the gift of desperation.” Straight from the pages of his journal, a friend encouraged him to write a song. You can now hear that song on WAY-FM and watch the band’s beautiful… … Continue reading