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The 5 Best Cover Songs by Christian Artists

Covers are nothing new, but ever since YouTube became a thing cover songs have taken on a life of their own. Some bands like Anthem Lights now basically have an entire career centered around them. So if you love a good cover, here are The 5 Best Cover Songs by Christian Artists. 5. Anthem Lights “Cant Stop The Feeling” With nearly half a million YouTube subscribers you can’t go wrong with this cover band extraordinaire… … Continue reading

Two versions of Frozen’s “Let It Go” you shouldn’t miss

The Frozen phenomena continues. This is a great cover by Anthem Lights and it includes a little surprise in the middle if you’re an 80’s music fan. We’ve all heard of global warming, but I think global freezing is happening. Yes that is a horrible attempt at humor, but this is a cool video of people singing Let It Go in different languages.   … Continue reading