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Surprisingly Easy Ways to Thank a Vet on Veterans Day

We asked our favorite serviceman, the Army’s Lieutenant Colonel Polosky, for practical ways we can show our appreciation to servicemen and women on Veterans Day. Hear our full interview with LTC Polosky in our podcast: You may remember LCT Polosky is the one who took Bekah sky diving earlier this year. The video is well worth a watch. Watch Bekah jump!   … Continue reading

Watch Bekah Jump Out of a Plane!

The day finally came for me to face my fears and make a dream come true by skydiving with the Army’s parachute team, The Golden Knights. Even after weeks of Wally threatening to throw me out of the plane, I was ready to go once I put the official jumpsuit on! From there, it was a smooth climb to 2.5 miles above the earth for the biggest rush I have ever experienced. Thankfully, there’s video evidence that my… … Continue reading

The Army Gets Bekah Ready to Jump Out of a Plane

When we heard there was an opportunity for one of us to go skydiving with the United States Parachute Team (The Golden Knights), Wally saw it as a chance to push Bekah out of an airplane. Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Polosky joined us on the show to get Bekah ready for the jump. He definitely didn’t go easy on us, but he kept us laughing the entire time!   … Continue reading