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The One Phrase that Changed this Compassion Kid’s Pain into His Platform

Imagine that your stomach is growling and you desperately want some food but there is only one way to get it. You have to go looking for glass bottles along the road or in trash cans and exchange them for a little bit of money to buy food. This sounds horrible and foreign compared to our lives of drive throughs and  trips to the fridge, but it’s been a reality for Jeremiah. As a child… … Continue reading

Get Rid of Complaining Once and For All!

I’m a complainer. I always have been. The problem is that once I took a step back and examined the reason why I complain, I realized my complaints reflect my negative attitude! I got cut off on my way to work today and I verbally complained to no one in particular. When you really think about it, what are you saying when you complain? I was saying that this car should have more regard for… … Continue reading

Sometimes You have to Adapt Your Perspective to Survive

Live Service Out, our national service event, was this past weekend. Carlos and I met an amazing woman named Rachel at the rescue mission. She is an avid WAY-FM listener that was so excited to come and serve people breakfast. Rachel explained that she used to live on the streets. She knows what a life of addiction looks like so now that she is off the streets she wants to give back and help others.… … Continue reading