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Joy Shares the Scariest Moment of Her Labor Story

Having a baby is a scary experience for any new mom. For Joy, who already deals with anxiety, it was a particularly nerve-racking day. Things did not go as planned when she gave birth to her son just a few months ago. She wanted to share the crazy story with you and why she is so glad her son was delivered safely.     … Continue reading

Can You Guess When Joy’s Baby Will Arrive?

Joy is so looking forward to meeting her son very soon! If you correctly guess her baby’s arrival date, then you will be entered to win a CJ & Joy prize pack! Fill out your guess below and keep in mind that her baby’s due date is June 2nd. We will let you know as soon as Joy’s little blessing arrives!  … Continue reading

Guess the Gender of Joy’s New Baby!

Vote on which gender you think Joy’s baby will be. Here are Joy’s ‘At Home Gender Test Results’ to help you make your guess: Baking Soda Test: combining baking soda and mother’s urine if it fizzes it means boy: BOY Acne Test: they say baby girls steal mother’s beauty: GIRL Cravings: sweet foods means a girl while salty equals a boy: BOY Chinese Gender Predictor: based on the ancient Chinese gender calendar: GIRL Ring Test:… … Continue reading

Dear Pregnant Woman, Be Kind to Yourself.

Dear Pregnant Woman, I see you next to me at the store, at the office, and walking down the street. I can see the stress across your face and in your hunched shoulders. I can see the exhaustion hiding in the circles under your eyes. How I wish I could hug you and tell you to relax and just enjoy this time, these nine months of everything changing. I promise you that they may seem… … Continue reading