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Letting Go

I have found one of the greatest lessons, and most difficult things required as a parent, is this: LETTING GO. If you think about it, the process of letting go begins at birth. The baby is born. She’s been really close to you for nine months. Really close. And what is the first thing that happens? They whisk her away. Your eyes follow the baby closely, looking desperately toward the table where the nurse took… … Continue reading

Christi Wins Over $1000 In Prizes Thanks To Josh Wilson

During the Backpack 2 School promotion, you have a chance to win an amazing backpack stuffed full of prizes each day. Christi won the backpack from Josh Wilson but it may include something that her kids will fight over. Oops!   Listen every day at 7:30am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm, and 7:30pm for your chance to enter and win a backpack filled with over $1,000 worth of prizes!  … Continue reading

Meet the Winner of Our Picture Perfect Photo Contest!

We had so many amazing submissions for our Picture Perfect Photo Contest, and we finally narrowed it down and selected this submission from Morgan to win the family photo shoot with a professional photographer. My mom and dad have 10 kids. Five of those are adopted, and of those five, each one has a disability. My parents are amazing! When we called to let Morgan’s mom know that their family had won, she had no… … Continue reading

Win a Family Photo Shoot in the Picture Perfect Photo Contest!

Want the perfect family picture? Well, we can at least help you get closer. 😉 First, listen each day and for a new assignment. Then, take a photo, or find an old one, and upload it in the form below. You can enter a different assignment each day for additional chances to win. Enter now through August 31st for a chance to win a professional family photo shoot! Daily winners will also be chosen to win a free photo book… … Continue reading

5 Things Teachers Want You to Know About The School Year

It’s that time of year again when you send your child off to school! Maybe it’s your first time watching your child get on that school bus, or maybe it’s senior year already and this is the last “first day of school”  you and your child will ever have! Either way, here are 5 things teachers want you to know in order to have a successful year! 1.) We are just as nervous for the first… … Continue reading

Baby Got Class…Yeah they do!

I WANT TO BE IN THIS FAMILY!! I mean they are stinking AWESOME! Can you imagine what its like sitting at the dinner table each night. My goodness. What a fun time. But I think the coolest part is that they do everything together. They seemed to be soo routed in family that it shows in each of there videos. Yes its all for funny laughs…haha..but it’s really great to see a family WANTING to… … Continue reading

Here’s How You Can Help Students AND Teachers

Ahh the most magical time of the year…time for back to school!!! And while we may be rejoicing that the kids are heading back…we’re also feeling the sting of back to school shopping! Recent reports have shown that parents are spending upwards of $300-$400 on school supplies…and that’s just with one child! But even more surprising is another statistic you may not know about. While we’re spending that much money on our children – their… … Continue reading

School Supply Drive

  88.3 WAY-FM and Hiland Park Baptist Church are celebrating the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour August 29th! And since it’s time to go back to school and Secret Keeper Girl is all about the kids – we wanted to do something special for local students and their teachers! In case you didn’t know – a teacher’s supplies for their classroom comes directly out of their pocket – and those expenses can really stack… … Continue reading