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Natalie Grant’s 30 Second Family Dance Parties Will Brighten Your Day

Natalie Grant joins me on the More Than The Music Podcast to share the incredible stories from “Be One.” Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed Natalie tells how her family’s random 30 second dance parties help them in stressful situations. “I just challenge anyone who’s having a bad day, a stressful day, a sad day, a hard day, a mad day… dance for thirty seconds. Dance like there’s no tomorrow. Dance like an… … Continue reading

Natalie Grant Lets Us in On the Secrets of Her New Album

We asked Natalie Grant to answer some questions about her brand new album, “Be One.” Check out what she had to say! What was the most enriching part of creating this album? I’ve never created a record in less than a year and we made this one in less than 6 weeks. We didn’t have time to obsess over every detail and it forced me to trust in what God was clearly doing in my… … Continue reading