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Join the Support Group for the Wives of No Shave November

It’s November and you know what that means: men are no longer shaving their beards. The cause behind “No Shave November” is a great one, but why can’t men just donate money and raise awareness while still keeping their facial hair under control?? The real sufferers of this month are the women behind these men with nasty unkept beards. I am one of those women- hear me roar! This can be a long month filled… … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: David Crowder Shaves Wally?

David Crowder may be famous for his hair, but Wally isn’t far behind. Both are pretty distinct, yes?   Back before Wally was even a morning show, David Crowder actually shaved Wally’s facial hair however he wanted to during an interview. You can watch it for yourself right here. … Continue reading