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What Happened During Big Daddy Weave’s Most Embarrassing Moment Onstage?

“It just dawns on me, we’re never… gonna be cool, dude. We’re never gonna get to have that, like, ‘Chris Tomlin’ kinda moment… We don’t really roll like that. Something’s always going to break or whatever.” That’s Mike Weaver, lead singer of Big Daddy Weave, after recounting an embarrassing show moment to Randy, an awesome WAY-FM listener and prize winner. Randy got to, not only see the band in concert, but he got to interview… … Continue reading

Natalie Grant Lets Us in On the Secrets of Her New Album

We asked Natalie Grant to answer some questions about her brand new album, “Be One.” Check out what she had to say! What was the most enriching part of creating this album? I’ve never created a record in less than a year and we made this one in less than 6 weeks. We didn’t have time to obsess over every detail and it forced me to trust in what God was clearly doing in my… … Continue reading

Learn all the behind the scenes secrets of The Wally Show

We were bored while Wally was out one day, so we decided to do a Periscope tour of The Wally Show Global Headquarters. (Follow @wallyshow on Periscope to catch our live streams.)   [wdca_ad ]   Here’s one more behind the scenes nugget for anyone who nerds out over stats like Zach. Check out how much of the tour each country watched. We bored the U.K. to death, but the Netherlands couldn’t get enough! Geography Average view duration Average… … Continue reading

Watch NF Debunk Every Lie About Happiness You’ve Ever Heard

If you like rap and are into Lecrae’s music, then hold on to your hats. You’re going to love NF! He’s relatively new to the music scene, but his music already packs a punch. Words fly out of his mouth with perfect rhythm, but they hold much more than just talent. His website tells us that 23-year-old Nate Feuerstein, now known as artist NF, “draws from real life struggles, including being abused as a kid,… … Continue reading

This Lyric Video is Cool, But Something Even Better Is Coming from Michael W. Smith!

Have you heard “Sky Spills Over” by Michael W. Smith yet? It’s fresh and brand new sound for Michael. We think you’re going to like it! Check out his lyric video!   So, the song sounds great, but there’s actually more to this story. Michael shared several intriguing photos from a recent music video shoot for this new song. He says we’re “in for a big surprise.” It’s official…SKY SPILLS OVER video shoot has begun….here… … Continue reading

5 Surprising Secrets to for King & Country’s Big Success

for King & Country may still be considered new to the Christian music scene, but they’ve been met with undeniable success. Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone have performed multiple times on national television, won two Grammys, and brought down the house at Winter Jam, while continuing to encourage their fans with music and gratitude – and this was just in the past 4 months.   The guys recently gave us a glimpse into their personal… … Continue reading

TobyMac Gets Caught Wearing a Cheesehead Backstage

TobyMac clearly likes to have fun and mix things up! Toby’s new video puts you behind the scenes during one of his iconic live shows. He’s seen dancing like there’s no tomorrow, goofing off with the members of Diverse City, and, yes, wearing a cheesehead backstage before the show. Plus, the video features the Moodswing Remix of “Beyond Me,” so it’s a little something different. Do you like the change-up? (He wears the cheesehead at 0:17… … Continue reading