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Jordan Feliz Performs “Beloved” Live (and Sounds Incredible)

Jordan Feliz sings “Beloved.” It’s a song that started as a message to his brand new daughter, but ended up revealing how fiercely and beautifully God the Father love us. Oh, forget the lies you heard Rise above the hurt And listen to these words You are beloved I wanted you to know You are beloved – Beloved by Jordan Feliz   Jordan said he got the idea for this song when he was talking… … Continue reading

What Do Frank Sinatra and Jordan Feliz Have in Common?

Yes, both Jordan Feliz and Frank Sinatra have incredible voices, but there’s something else they have in common now. In this live performance, Jordan sings “Beloved” in one take, using only one mic – the same one Frank Sinatra used. Watch it for yourself below!   Hear Jordan’s Unbelievable Love Story!  … Continue reading

Hear The Incredible Message Jordan Feliz Sings To His Daughter In This Song

Jordan Feliz joins me on the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories from his debut album, “The River.”        Jordan shares the message he wrote in this song for his daughter before she was even born. It was a song that was specifically written for my daughter… I just kept thinking about… She was going to grow up in this world that was going to tell her stuff like she’s not… … Continue reading