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Happy 50th Birthday, Wally! Here’s What Your Favorite Artists Really Think Of You….

Our very own Wally is officially a half a century old! As we celebrate him and all he’s meant to us, we also wanted to include messages from some of his favorite artists like Matthew West, for King & Country, Bart from MercyMe, and Natalie Grant. Plus, speaker Jon Acuff, comedian John Crist, and even his family all shared what they really think of him.   Send Wally your birthday message in the comments below!… … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Samuel Cole

Today is Samuel Cole’s five year birthday. He might not have been with us long, but he was loved, cherished and photographed more than any other kid in those 36 hours. Here’s an amazing video Zach put together of Samuel’s short life. Here’s our discussion about Samuel’s first birthday: … Continue reading

Bekah’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ended Perfectly

Bekah turns 27 today so we celebrated her big day, but we can’t just give her gifts. She has to earn them. We sent her on a scavenger hunt to find her gifts, and the final clue could not have gone better. We did this live on Instagram. Make sure you don’t miss live videos in the future by following us now! Follow The Wally Show on Instagram   … Continue reading

What will Wally do to win his birthday present?

Wally doesn’t like to be handed anything, so we made him earn his birthday present. He had to prove himself sound in three challenges: Mind, Body and Soul. He won the Mind challenge by solving 3 riddles correctly, so next up was a challenge to test his physical stamina (with a very low bar).   [wdca_ad ] … Continue reading

Carlos’ Birthday Surprise

Carlos has always hated his birthday so Joy decided to try to make this his best birthday yet! She has been working for months with his fiance so that she could fly into town and surprise Carlos! Joy’s goal was to make Carlos happy cry and it almost happened! … Continue reading

What a year…

Welp…another birthday is here and another year of life has been had and instead of my normal “just let the day go by” kind of attitude, I’ve decided to look back on what I learned this year instead. Two major lessons stand out. 1. What LOVE is… I used to look at love as what it GAVE ME, instead of what love DOES THROUGH ME. Love is meant to be an action acted out in… … Continue reading