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The 4 Things I Will Not Miss About Africa

I am always sad when I get ready to leave Africa. The people and experiences here are amazing, but there are 4 things I will not miss: 1. The urge to do dumb things There are so many opportunities to feel like a kid and do things that are not smart, like balancing on a small log over a contaminated water source, but I can’t help myself. Full disclosure, I did ask someone to hold… … Continue reading

Wally’s 3 Silly Prayers in Africa

It seems that with every trip I take to Africa with Blood:Water, a theme emerges. For this trip, that theme has definitely been prayer. I pray constantly throughout the day. I pray for the people we meet who are hoping God has answered their prayer and that we will help them. I pray for the event when we get home: that God will move everyone’s hearts to bring health and life to these amazing people.… … Continue reading