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This Is What Living Service Out Looks Like

We had SO much fun working in the hot sun with some of the best volunteers we’ve ever met! They showed up and didn’t stop until the project was done. The Boys and Girls Club of Bay County looked like a totally different place after we were done working! Check out all of the fun we had!   … Continue reading

5 Quotes Guaranteed to Impact Your Perspective On Service

Service is an essential part of Christianity. Yes, we are saved by grace alone, but Christ calls us to put our love into action. These quotes from 5 godly men will inspire and challenge you to Live (service) Out! “One of the principal rules of religion is, to lose no occasion of serving God. And, since he is invisible to our eyes, we are to serve him in our neighbour; which he receives as if… … Continue reading

Join WAYFM As We Live Service Out

It’s finally time to Live Service Out! This June we’ve partnered with the the Boys and Girls Club of Bay County to help renovate, repair, and spruce up their campus for local kids! We had a blast last year working side by side with you as we all put actions to our faith! And we would love to work with you again this year! It doesn’t matter how good you are with a hammer or lawnmower… … Continue reading