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If You Had a Hard Year, Here’s How to Hope Again in 2018

Author Annie F. Downs loves to inspire others to be brave through her books “100 Days to Brave” and “Let’s All Be Brave.” But she has dealt with struggles of her own to hold out hope even when God has not given her what she hoped He would.       Don’t miss Joy’s whole interview with Annie where they tackle how to be brave on social media, with no makeup, and even through deepening… … Continue reading

How to Be Brave No Matter What You Are Facing

Do you feel brave? I am guessing your answer is “no” if you clicked on this post. Don’t worry, spoiler alert: most of us don’t. The good news is feeling brave is not a requirement to acting brave. In fact, most people who achieve feats of bravery do not feel a magical sense of courage or bravery before they accomplish something. So then… how do they do it? Brave is defined by Webster’s dictionary as:… … Continue reading

The Secret to Bravery That No One Told Me

551 Days. That’s how long it has been since I took a step of faith and moved to a brand new city to do the Afternoon Show on WAYFM. I knew it would take bravery to start over, but God made it clear that this is where he wanted me so I figured it would be an easy transition. I was wrong. Finding a new church, new friends, even new roommates has been a challenge.… … Continue reading

Discover the Secret to Bravery

What comes to mind when I say the word “BRAVE?” A hero punching the bad guy? Military storming the gates? Or the disney movie with Princess Merida? 🙂 These are the things I’ve always thought of, but Webster’s Dictionary defines “brave” as, Having or showing courage. Courage comes in many forms. The courage to try and do things that we might even fail at. I’m starting to realize that the courage to fail one of… … Continue reading