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This Britt Nicole Video Shows You How to Change Things for the Better

You’ve probably noticed by now, our world needs a whole lot of change. Britt Nicole is on a mission to be that change – and inspire others to join her. Her new music video to the song “Be the Change” shows you where it starts. And don’t you know it starts today? And baby, no, it’s not too late It begins with you and I Together we can be the change – Britt Nicole, “Be the… … Continue reading

The Top 5 Christian Songs Celebrating Love and Romance

Hey, Christians, let’s not be afraid to celebrate love and romance! It’s a God-given gift to reflect His love for us. Here are 5 perfect songs for Valentines Day written by fellow believers in God AND marriage! 1. Jonny Diaz – “Thank God I Got Her” This song came from a conversation with a buddy of his. “I was talking about all these things that confused me about my wife and at the end of… … Continue reading

Britt Nicole’s Message For Those Being Bullied: “I’ve Been There and It Gets Better.”

Britt Nicole joins me on the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories behind her new self-titled album. Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed Britt shares how she was bullied as a kid in school and how that inspired the important message in her song, “Better.” It talks about a girl in a classroom… It says like paper planes are being thrown at her and that happened to me in school… It wasn’t… … Continue reading

Britt Nicole Sings the Perfect Song for Days When You Feel Inadequate

Britt Nicole’s new song “Through Your Eyes” might just change your entire day. Or year, for that matter. In a moment of feeling completely inadequate, God reminded her of a very important truth. That’s when she wrote this song.   Britt says, “I remember getting in the car and taking hold of the steering wheel and putting my head down. And just saying to myself, ‘Britt, you’ve got to get it together…’ I kept putting… … Continue reading

5 Times Britt Nicole Lyrics Made You a Better Person

Britt Nicole’s new Remix album has us thinking about all of her amazing songs. They’ve shown truth, encouraged us, and are great to dance to. 🙂 Here are 5 important lyrics we all need to remember. They’re so very true. 1. “…Don’t let the fire burn out.” She reminds you to keep our faith and relationship with Jesus strong. You can live a beautiful life with Jesus and make it to the finish line! A… … Continue reading

Here’s a Quick and Easy Way to Put a Smile on Your Face

Just watch this video of Britt Nicole’s daughter, Ella, dancing to her new Remix album.   She’s got moves!! haha Britt says, “Ella’s favorite song on the new record is Holiday! One because she loves the beat, two because her dada produced it! smile emoticon My Princess can dance!” You got us, Britt. We’re smiling. 🙂 Britt posted this as the first in video contest series that you could win! The prize a chance to… … Continue reading

More Than One Exciting Announcement from Britt Nicole

Britt Nicole announced two exciting changes in her life this month! First, she welcomed her brand new baby boy, Adin Jerusalem into the world! He was born on February 8th at 4:33 am. So excited to announce the birth of our beautiful son! 🙂 born at 4:33 this morning and weighing 8 pounds! 🙂 he’s my lil hero! I love him soooo much!!!! A photo posted by Britt Nicole (@itsbrittnicole) on Feb 8, 2015 at… … Continue reading

Twitter is Giving Us This to Look Forward to

Check out what some of our top artists are posting. New things are on the way and they’re giving us something to be excited about! Sidewalk Prophets For the first time since 2012, Sidewalk Prophets is recording a brand new album – and they can’t stop talking about it! Plus, they’re recording from inside a castle which is pretty cool on its own. The band’s Twitter and Instagram feeds have been flooded with cool shots… … Continue reading

6 Reasons We Love Britt Nicole

You hear Britt Nicole sing songs like “Gold,” “Ready or Not,” and “Walk on the Water” on WAY-FM. Not only does she give us good music, but she’s a great role model, too. Here are 6 of the reasons why we’re glad she’s part of the WAY-FM family. 1. She’s a great mama to her baby, Ella! Britt Nicole’s Instagram account is full of adorable pictures of she and her sweet daughter. There’s no doubt… … Continue reading