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Great Things Can Happen When You Waste Time Like Mike Donehey

“Mike, what are you doing? … I’ll tell you what I’m doing – nothing… I’m not even spending time with God today.” What? This sounds like a terrible way to spend time, right?! Let’s hear him out on this, though. Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North always offers a different perspective that’s surprisingly worth considering.   Watch the video if you didn’t. He delves deep and explains himself well, but here’s a brief recap just… … Continue reading

You Might Be Addicted to Busyness….I am

I’m addicted. Totally and completely addicted to BUSYNESS! This seems to be the addiction that is never even viewed as an addiction. America glorifies being busy like it’s an accomplishment. Instead, it can be dangerous in our lives. I feel like I’m at my best when I have a completely full day, week, and month. It’s insanely hard to find a pocket of free time and that’s how I like it. It makes me feel… … Continue reading