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This May Be The Cutest Dramatic Reading of a Children’s Story Yet!

Carlos doesn’t want story time with his son to get boring so he has started mixing popular children’s stories with his favorite movie soundtracks!  “The Little Engine That Could” meets “Jurassic Park!” See if you can even handle the cuteness of this little dino during story time   If you missed the other readings check out: “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” Meets “Jaws” or “One Fish, Two Fish” Meets “The Godfather” … Continue reading

Will Carlos’ New Baby be a Boy or a Girl?

Carlos and his wife are finding out the gender of their baby THIS WEEK! Everyone has a guess as to what they think it will be. We’d love to know what your guess is for the gender of Carlos’ first child! The correct gender will be announced later this week on the show! If you want to make an educated guess, here are several wives tales that Carlos and his wife tried along… … Continue reading

Meet the newest member of the Carlos and Joy Show!

Carlos here, and my wife Amber and I are excited to announce our (well Amber’s) pregnancy! Every child is a gift, even when they surprise you by showing up early…WAY EARLY! Like honeymoon-baby early! Excitement was something that came after a few days of shock once we found out we were pregnant, but we are truly excited to become parents! I thought it was funny when friends would joke with me about our decision to… … Continue reading