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The Wally Show as Legos

This may be the most accurate depiction of the Wally Show we’ve ever seen. While playing with his kids, Matt got inspired to create the members of the show out of Legos, and we think he nailed it. Wally Sparing no detail, Matt first created Wally shouting through a bullhorn for everyone to look at his humility trophy. He even comes complete with a Heaven’s Fire mullet. Betty I think you can see where this going.… … Continue reading

Betty Rock’s special form of genius: cat naming

Betty has a God-given gift for cat naming. Calob emailed a picture of a friend’s cat in Canada in desperate need of a name. Now, meet Pumpkin. Want to tap into Betty’s special gift? Here’s your chance! Bri is a fan of the show and dropped off a cat drawing for Betty. Betty instantly named the cat Tootsie.   Bri says Wally sings Let It Go so much she also drew him as Elsa in the movie Frozen.     … Continue reading

Betty Rocks New Devotional

Finding a good devotional is important when trying to go deeper in your faith.  You want a devotion that connects with you and connects you with God.  We have found the puuuurfect devotional for Betty Rock. … Continue reading

Betty’s Cat Video of the Week

Every week Betty Rock sends me her favorite cat videos. Usually it is kittens sleeping or watching fish in a fish bowl, but this was is amazing. It really starts at :23 in. Oh by the way if you are squeamish there are stitches at the end. That should tell you how good it is. … Continue reading