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Zach Williams Sings A New Jingle For KFC

Robert is a guy who listens to our show, and he thought Zach Williams could make some extra money from KFC with his song Chain Breaker…if he changed a few lyrics. So, Zach gave it a shot. We also talked about his love of cooking and the impact that his song “Chainbreaker” has had….especially on one 11-year-old girl. … Continue reading

The Call from an 11-year-old Girl that We Won’t Forget

The amazing thing about music is how it can impact people’s lives in different ways. This week, we talked to an incredible little girl named Madison who has found comfort in Zach Williams’ song “Chain Breaker” as she deals with her dad’s drug addiction. Our hearts broke as we spoke to this 11-year-old girl who has had to face way too much for her age: My dad–he has a drug addiction problem. We tried to take… … Continue reading

See The Powerful New “Chain Breaker” Music Video!

“Chain Breaker” is one of WAY-FM’s highest testing songs – and for good reason. The message that Zach Williams sings is powerful and we’re thrilled to premier the music video!    For Zach Williams, this song came from a personal story that turned into a mission to encourage others. He says, “For years, I struggled with addictions, and rejections, and I had myself convinced that I wasn’t good enough. So, I wanted to write a… … Continue reading