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Starting Over at Christmas Time

The Christmas season comes with so many wonderful things…but sometimes, life adds a few curveballs that make it all feel a little overwhelming. Michelle can relate, as she’s dealing with some major life changes right before the holidays. She reached out to John from Rock House Center for some Hot Mess help. Michelle’s Story: In 2011, I got married. A month later, our first child was stillborn. A year later, our healthy baby boy was born;… … Continue reading

When Family Lets You Down

Family issues can be especially difficult to navigate. Katherine is currently walking through that with her family, so we connected her with John from Rock House Center for some Hot Mess help. Katherine’s Story: I have not had a relationship with my parents for almost ten years. My father cheated my husband in some business dealings, and we ended up losing a great deal of money. We have since moved away and distanced ourselves from my… … Continue reading

From Single to Single Mom

Melony is a 23-year-old single girl whose story is not going exactly the way she would have written it, so she reached out for a little Hot Mess help. Melony’s Story: Two months ago, I got custody of my niece and two nephews. In 24 hours, I went from a 23-year-old whose biggest concerns were her own manic-depression and finding (another) new job, to a 23-year-old single mom of three kids. It seems like every week… … Continue reading

How Do You Get Past Feelings of Worthlessness?

On today’s Hot Mess segment, we talked with Lindsey who has been through a lot in her life. Lindsey’s Story: I’m a 17 year old girl who is struggling to believe. When I was younger, I was abused physically and emotionally by my biological mom and all of her boyfriends. I was then in around 50 foster homes before I was adopted by my now parents at 12 years old. Around the time I was adopted,… … Continue reading

Learning to Trust when People Have Let Us Down

Today, John from Rock House joined us for another Hot Mess segment to help Lynn with an issue that has affected every area of her life. Lynn’s Story: One of my first memories is my mother telling me that my being born ruined her life. When I was around 10, my older sister warned me to stay away from a male relative as he was “too affectionate.” Even though I was cautious, I was eventually molested by… … Continue reading

How Do I Get “Unstuck”?

For this Hot Mess segment, John from Rock House responded to an email we received from Sarah about a problem that a lot of us have faced at some point. Sarah’s Email: I’m a Christian, but I’m stuck in a glass half-empty mentality. It affects every part of my life, my attitude at work, and my relationships at home. No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to get out of that valley. I truly… … Continue reading

How Do You Forgive When It’s Not Deserved?

We had John from Rock House come in for another Hot Mess segment. This time, we talked to Courtney about some of the issues she’s facing with her father. Courtney’s Story: In 2001, at 15, I was taken away from my parents due to abuse and neglect in the home. My dad was very abusive to my mom, and in turn she abused us both physically and emotionally. I was the one who reported them, and my… … Continue reading

A Follow Up: The Wally Show is Helping Porn Addicts

Nancy first reached out to us and shared her story about how her husband’s addiction to pornography threatened to destroy their marriage. My husband and I have been married for almost two years. About 5 months ago, I found out my husband had been living a double life. From 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, he would be addicted to watching pornography… (read more) Sadly, we knew her story was not too uncommon and that… … Continue reading