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All Christmas on WAY-FM

We pray you are enjoying our Christmas music.  Favorite Christmas songs bring people together, and stir up warm memories. Thanks for telling friends, family and coworkers about WAY-FM’s Christmas music!   Questions about our Christmas music? Each year WAY-FM plays Christmas music during the holiday season. The results have been overwhelmingly positive. Many who have never tuned into a radio station like WAY-FM have made it their new, favorite radio station after Christmas.  Here are… … Continue reading

Why Luke from for King & Country Loves Christmas Shows

Christmas shows are fun, and Luke from for King & Country has a theory why: The thing that I find amazing about Christmas shows is you’re literally singing the greatest songs ever sung. You’ve got hundreds of years of songs that have been written about Christmas and everybody knows them. Usually when you go to any concert, there’s a lot of songs you don’t know that well. When you come to a Christmas show, you’re… … Continue reading

Is This One by for King & Country a New Christmas Favorite?

There are few bands that always catch my attention when they say something new is coming. for King & Country is one of them. They never create something halfway. They started teasing something new on social media in mid-November, then unveiled this new song called “Glorious.” It’s a new addition to their Christmas EP just in time for the season. And in my opinion, it doesn’t disappoint! What do you think – a 2016 Christmas favorite?… … Continue reading

Want to Hear Some Amazing Thanksgiving Music, Instead?

We’re pretty sure there’s only one good song in existence that’s about Thanksgiving. So, while we can’t exactly make a “Thanksgiving” WAY-FM playlist, we’re adding this song by Brandon Heath to the mix. If you don’t like hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving, he’s with you. That’s why he wrote “The Day After Thanksgiving.”   Brandon did an amazing job with this song, but for now, our motto is still: Photo by InaFrenzy … Continue reading

What is the Best Christmas Song of All Time?

One of the greatest things about Christmas is Christmas music. We collected our favorite songs and wanted to know which one of ours you like the best. (Check out our discussion in today’s podcast.) Do you have a song you like better than one of our six? Share it in the comments! Which song do you like best? … Continue reading

Get in the Christmas Spirit with Our Nightly Christmas Album Specials!

Here’s something special to help you celebrate this Christmas season! Every night at 10ET/9 CT, we’ll be playing an entire Christmas album for you to enjoy from one of our WAY-FM artists. We have a schedule for you right here – so you’ll know when your favorites will be playing!   Wednesday December 23 Laura Story “God With Us”       Thursday December 24 – CHRISTMAS EVE MercyMe “It’s Christmas”       Friday… … Continue reading

Chris Tomlin Sums Up Christmas in the Most Beautiful Way

  What was the most enriching part of creating this album? To find a way to write and lead songs in a way that helps people connect with God is always what it’s about for me. Christmas is so special – it’s a season that calls for singing. What a privilege to be a small part of that for people. Do you have a favorite song? Tell us the inspiration and story behind it. Impossible… … Continue reading

5 of the Best Ways to Express Your Love of Early Christmas Music

To everyone who’s as excited as we are about listening to Christmas music this week, here 5 perfect sayings to share with your friends before Thanksgiving. Hover over the image that describes your mood today to share! Use the hashtag #WAYChristmas to celebrate with us! 1. For the multi-tasker Everyone calm down – we’re not skipping Thanksgiving! We just happen to have enough love in our heart for BOTH holidays. 2. The real reason No one… … Continue reading

If your Christmas isn’t measuring up, check this out.

After some hard times in their family, Christmas didn’t look like what they hoped. Mark’s wife looked at him and said, “It’s just a different kind of Christmas this year.” That’s just a taste of the story behind the song, “Different Kind of Christmas” by Mark Schultz. We got a chance to sit down with him and ask what inspired the song. Now hear the whole song in our special live performance of Mark Schultz’s… … Continue reading