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Online Church Services

Due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders being in effect, many churches are providing their services online so everyone can still join-in and worship!  We have compiled this list of area churches for your convenience and consideration.  If your church is online, but you don’t seem them listed, please email the church name, service time(s) and web link to Ben ( EVANSVILLE Full Gospel Mission –  Sundays at 10:00 am Spirit Life Worship Center -… … Continue reading

Colorado Church Livestreams

With the recommendation of physical-distancing for the duration of COVID-19, many churches are switching to online services. If you’re looking for an online place of worship, check out some of the livestreams below! NORTHERN COLORADO Bethel Family Praise Center – Sunday: 10:45am Calvary Chapel Brighton – Sunday: 8:30am Foundations Church – Saturday: 4:30pm | Sunday: 8:30am, 10am, & 11:30am Generations Church – Sunday: 9am & 10:45am Greeley First Assembly – Sunday: 10am Journey Christian Church… … Continue reading

How to Face Your Giants

Facing a problem today that feels bigger than you? While we may not have literal giants in our lives, we can learn a thing or two from David’s fight against Goliath. Here are the 5 stones that David grabbed to take on the giant: 1. The Stone of Perspective David saw things differently. While everyone else on the battlefield saw the problem, David saw the solution. Giants aren’t always what they seem. No matter how… … Continue reading

How To Love Others Well with Author Gabe Lyons

Gabe Lyons, the author of books like “UnChristian” and “Good Faith,” sat down with us to talk about how Christians are seen as irrelevant, the best way to share our faith, and how to love others well–even when we don’t agree with them. If you missed our World’s Biggest Small Group with Gabe, he also had some great insight on finding purpose in our lives and how that relates to our identity. You can check… … Continue reading

How Do You Behave in Worship Next to Your Crush?

Lift those hands in reckless abandon? Or hold back so you don’t seem over the top? Comedian Jon Crist, gets church-goers to get real about how they would act and what they find attractive during a worship service.   Jon’s videos are full of hilarious commentary on church culture. Watch The Wally Show’s Favorite Jon Crist Video!   … Continue reading

Your Stories: Michele

Many times, the impact you can make in a person’s life isn’t a single earth-shattering experience; rather, it’s a steady, everyday influence.  The uplifting messages in the songs played on WAY-FM meet people right where they are in life, and in a way, even become a form of church for them.  Here’s Michele’s story of how God used WAY-FM in her life and in the life of her family: A few years ago, I was… … Continue reading

This Boat Adventure Story Will Help You Share Your Faith

It was getting close to spring during my junior year of college. A few buddies and I decided to plan an epic spring break adventure. To qualify as “epic” it needed to involve a challenge that we weren’t sure we could actually pull off—a challenge that would blur the line between risky and just plain stupid. After about half an hour of scheming and consulting a map, we decided we would spend several nights on… … Continue reading

How Pokemon Go is Changing the Church

Gotta catch em all isn’t just about Pokemon these days. Now churches are using this to catch people to their pews! Just check some of these church signs that have been popping up all around the country! One Pokestop just wasn’t enough for this church!               Technically Jesus is outside too, but I see what they did there.                 I guess the… … Continue reading