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Our Ministry of the Month: School Partnership Network

Church communities large and small throughout the Portland area are working together with public schools, providing consistent volunteers and supporting projects. Collaborative efforts have become vehicles for awareness, ongoing involvement and deepening relationships among school administrators, community members, pastors and ministry leaders. Our role is to: COLLECT the data on existing church/school partnerships CONNECT church leaders with local school teachers & administrators. CULTIVATE these relationships & strengthen partnerships COMMUNICATE the resulting stories, ideas, and best… … Continue reading

2 WRONG Expectations Churches Place on Pastors

Pastors are not strangers to the expectations of church members. But are the expectations of church members Biblical mandates from God? Or are there certain expectations that we, as pastors and churches, have believed to be signs of a healthy church? What does the Bible require of a pastor? Paul’s famous charge to young Timothy is a good place to start: “I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus christ, who will judge… … Continue reading