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The Best Worst Singing You’ll Hear Today

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Disney’s Night of Joy, we decided to play “Scary-oke” by singing along with songs by Night of Joy’s artists. Obviously, our singing makes it scary enough, but it gets worse when the music plays so loudly in our ears that we can’t hear how tone deaf we really are. For extra fun, turn on the captions to see all of the words we accidentally invented! … Continue reading

Colton Dixon’s Wife Launched a Blog About Fashion and Faith?

Colton Dixon says this has been on his wife’s heart for quite a while. Annie Dixon has launched a new blog called Bold Lips. She says it’s a resource for young women “to be strengthened, have fun and be encouraged to live boldly!” Colton seems very proud and supportive, even posting a video to his Twitter account, celebrating the launch of Bold Lips. So far, the site features personal stories of faith and motivation, plus… … Continue reading

Watch Colton Dixon Sing “All That Matters” in a Special Acoustic Version

What really matters? This song from Colton Dixon reminds us. Here’s a stripped down version with just Colton and an acoustic guitar performing live and from the heart. It’s called “All That Matters.”    Colton believes this song is the perfect reminder for everyone. He says, “In Colossians 3:11, it says, in this new life it doesn’t matter if you’re a Jew, Gentile, barbaric, uncivilized, slave, or free. Christ lives in all of us and that’s all… … Continue reading

This Colton Dixon Song Talks About Grief in the Most Helpful Way

When Colton Dixon met his wife, Annie, her family had just gone through the loss of her brother a few months prior. But he says, “You never would have known it, talking with them or spending time with them. They just had such a joy and an understanding about it.” Annie’s family and this verse in 1 Thessalonians 4 inspired this poignant song called “The Other Side.” It provides even more hope in the midst… … Continue reading

This Prank On Colton Dixon Was So Funny It Almost Ruined His Concert

Colton Dixon and his wife, Annie, join me on Episode 45 of “More Than The Music” to share the stories behind his album, “Identity,” and how a tour prank almost ruined one of his concerts. Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed Colton relives the prank that his wife, Annie, and Finding Favour pulled on him that was so funny it almost ruined his concert. Praise the Lord that there’s video!!! We… … Continue reading

Is My Identity Wrapped Up in the Right Things? | Colton Dixon

If you’ve ever stepped back, looked at your life, and thought, “What am I doing?” You can relate to Colton Dixon. He says, “I realized I placed my identity in things that don’t matter… looking at our nation… what Hollywood throws at us…”   That exact feeling is what inspired him to write an album that refocus us all on what matters. It’s called “Identity.” His single from that album, “All That Matters,” is the perfect start… … Continue reading

Colton Dixon’s New Music Video is All About What Matters

Colton Dixon breaks down what’s most important in his life. If you love Jesus, too, this will hit home! The song is called “All That Matters.” When telling Billboard about the inspiration behind it, Colton said, “Our identity isn’t in our past or our careers. It’s not in our successes or failures… Our identity lies in something much bigger than ourselves, and that’s what really counts.” He also says this music video is different than… … Continue reading

You’ve Gotta See these pics from the WAY-FM for Kids Tour!

If you didn’t catch the AMAZING WAY-FM for Kidis Tour featuring Building 429, Colton Dixon, and David Dunn, fear not! We saved all the photos just for you so it feels like you were there. From the amazing worship all the bands brought (and fun hairstyle Colton Dixon rocked) to the packed out auditorium, there was no doubt God was there. The atmosphere was heavy with praise as you could feel the music and lyrics… … Continue reading

Have You Seen These Amazing Performances on American Idol?

WAY-FM artists were rocking it on the American Idol finale of all finales! Tons of artists, including some of our own who got their start from the show, came back for a reunion performance. Colton Dixon Skip to 1:28 in the pop mashup to see Colton sing a song you’re going to know from WAY-FM. It’s his song, “Through All of It.” It’s very different from the rest of the performers, but he sounds great… … Continue reading