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Skillet is Being Featured in a Marvel Comics Series?

John Cooper, lead singer of Skillet, is a huge comic nerd. “I think that comic books were very much a part of making me who I am.” – John Cooper It’s true. That’s why he was ecstatic when Skillet’s song “Back from the Dead” was featured in a trailer for an upcoming Marvel comic series. The band was featured on Marvel’s “Playback” video series. Jon Cooper’s interview revealed how superheroes have been note only a significant… … Continue reading

Find Out How The Avengers Are Actually Based on Your Mom!

Carlos here and this is my theory…The Avengers, “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” are actually based on characteristics every Mom possess! Well, at least my mom had them which may be why I never got away with ANYTHING…haha! Lets start…   Hawkeye: The eagle-eyed archer who always seems to have his eye’s on everything. It’s almost like he has eye’s in the back of his head! On the battlefield there is no target he can’t hit and… … Continue reading