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How I Lied on My Instagram

This was my morning instagram photo.   Beautiful. Peaceful. Pristine. Breakfast with a perfect bible study… But also a LIE. Let us zoom in a little:   Yep! There is a nasty bug in my water and what you can’t see are the dozen of other bugs that I was fighting off while simply trying to read in peace! I very carefully angled this photo so you would NOT notice the swarm of bugs that… … Continue reading

How to Stop Comparing Yourself in One Easy Step

Do a digital detox! As soon as I heard the words, I was skeptical. Carlos wanted to see if we could stay off social media for a few days so he turned it into a competition. First one to crack gets turned into a human ice cream sundae on the air, (video coming soon!) I am completely addicted to social media. I know this. I do not need a detox to prove it to me.… … Continue reading