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Love Does Not Require a Language

Love, doesn’t require our language, just our action. A simple lesson I learned when I met Crismeiry, my sponsor child in the Dominican Republic through Compassion International. Our bus pulled up to a little beach park. As I walked off the bus I saw the powdery sand, ocean as far as the eye could see and a little beachside open-air restaurant. Waiting for me inside that little restaurant was Crismeiry. I could see her sitting… … Continue reading

Music Draws Emotion Even If You Can’t Understand It

There’s a feeling you get when you hear your favorite song. Maybe it causes you to tap your toe or the steering wheel. Maybe it causes you to sing out loud or you start to cry. Maybe it leads you to worship or reminds you that God is with you. Music draws emotion. And the amazing thing is, you can feel that emotion even when you don’t know the words. I can only make out… … Continue reading

Valerie’s Favorite Bible Story Sums Up Why I Love Compassion International

Little arms wrapped around my waist as I heard the words, “This is Valerie.” I looked down to see the cutest 5 year old girl with the fluffiest ponytail I’ve ever seen. Although she seemed nervous she had the biggest smile all over her face! This was a special moment I will will never forget. I was meeting my brand new sponsor child in the Dominican Republic through Compassion International named Valerie. We spent the next… … Continue reading

Hope Blossoming in the Midst of Desperation

If you have ever turned down a road in a sketchy part of town and looked to make sure your doors were locked, you are not alone. That is how our day started as we went to visit the home of a mother and her kids in a very dangerous part of the Dominican Republic. People with Compassion have been robbed and assaulted here before, so we were assigned a bodyguard to protect us, even… … Continue reading

How Can You Help People Suffering From the Hurricane Aftermath in Haiti?

We know it’s often confusing when you want to help, but don’t know how. Even as Hurricane Matthew leaves the US, we are only now beginning to see the devastation left in Haiti. Here are 2 trusted ministries that WAY-FM works with closely. Know that when you give to either one, you are truly making a difference for people Haiti. 1. Compassion International Because of their 293 church partners in Haiti, Compassion is able to… … Continue reading

Wally Drinks the Nastiest Water We Could Find…to Make a Point!

Your WAY-FM has teamed up with Compassion International during Fall Pledge Drive to supply safe drinking water to families in poverty around the world! With your dollar-a-day investment in WAY-FM, Compassion will distribute a “Water of Life” filtration system to a family, providing them with clean water for a lifetime. Watch Wally try one of these filters for himself on the nastiest water we could find!   Why is this filtration system so important? 800… … Continue reading

3 Surprising Facts About Parasites and How You Can Help

Parasites aren’t something we think about on a day-to-day basis because they’re not hard to cure and we have the medication. These kids don’t. Your WAY-FM has teamed up with Compassion International to bring you these 3 surprising facts about parasites and what you can do about it: 1. Parasites can lead to death. The World Health Organization says every year 3 million people die because of water-related diseases, making it the leading cause of disease and… … Continue reading

How Sponsoring a Child Just Changed Your Life Forever

YOU are amazing! The WAY-FM Family has come together and impacted over 2,000 children, enabling them to dream and break the cycle of poverty. On behalf of these kiddos and Compassion International, we can never thank you enough!   If you’ve been hesitating this week or you’re just now hearing about this cool opportunity, you can still sponsor a child today! Just click the link below. … Continue reading