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Win a $1000 Shopping Spree in Our Hot Husband Contest!

Let’s face it. Your husband’s looks aren’t the only thing that’s attractive about him. Next time you catch him helping with homework, taking out the trash, or just being kind, snap a photo of him. It might win you a $1,000 shopping spree ($500 for you, $500 for him) in honor of Father’s Day! We’ll randomly select one GRAND PRIZE winner! Plus we’ll choose daily winners who will receive a copy of the Every Man’s Bible. The contest ends… … Continue reading

3 Easy Prayers Every Father Should Pray

Today I learned the simple truth that your children see EVERYTHING! Even as young as my 6 month old son Dominic is, he is already pitching a fit if he doesn’t get to drink out of the same cups he sees his mom and me using. Just check the photo over there. He has to have his cup too or he’s just not happy with life for a few moments. As I laughed to my wife about… … Continue reading

See What This Finding Favour Song Means To One Dad In The Band

Finding Favour joins me on the More Than The Music Podcast to give a behind the scenes look at their album, “Reborn.” This episode felt less like an interview and more like old friends just hanging out sharing laughs, tears, and old memories… because that’s truly what it was. Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed Even though “Cast My Cares” was already written and recorded, Dustin (bassists) shares how the song took on… … Continue reading

3 Things Kids Need To Hear From Their Dads

Growing up my Mom was the emotional rock for our family. I love my Dad, he’s great, but emotion is something that was always lacking from my Dad. He was great at course correction, imparting wisdom, bringing up knowing who God is and why I need Jesus in my life, but showing emotion was hard for him. While I knew back than that I was loved, it was something he didn’t say all that much. While… … Continue reading

How My Father Taught Me to Be a Better Man (by for KING & COUNTRY)

for KING & COUNTRY has referenced their father as one of the most pivotal forces behind the band. In honor of Father’s Day, we asked them to write a tribute to their dad, David Smallbone, and highlight how he has taught them to be better men. Here’s what Joel had to say. The Way He Loves One of our Dad’s greatest attributes as a father has been how he has loved our mom, and this year… … Continue reading

Raising Selfless Kids In a Self-Centered World

“[Parenting today] is harder,… the oversexualization of our culture is just insane. And the self-centeredness, the entitlement nature that we have. I did a piece for The Wall Street Journal not long ago about Kim Kardashian. She’s got a new book coming out, it’s called Selfish. And it’s all photos of herself. And I think what a terrible legacy to leave behind.” Read more HERE   … Continue reading