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Crowder is Bringing Nachos to Portland

Crowder is bringing the American Prodigal Tour (and nachos) to Portland on Friday April 20. Crowder’s VIP Jamboree is hosted by Kenny Rodgers the arctic fox and will give you the chance to eat nachos and hang out with Crowder after the concert. Crowder also tells us how to tell the difference between the beard on a hipster and a southern gentleman. And shares the story of when he and his wife drove from Waco,… … Continue reading

How Crowder’s “My Victory” Revealed My Self-Righteousness

Crowder joins me on Episode 37 of the “More Than The Music Podcast” to share the stories behind his album, “American Prodigal.” Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed Crowder’s song, “My Victory,” is currently my “stay in the car song.” Meaning, when it comes on WAY-FM, I stay in the car until it’s finished playing. Part of why it became my “stay in the car song” was what happened the first… … Continue reading

Your Top 10 Songs of the Year Revealed!

If you’re a part of Music Team 10, you’re helping to shape the music you hear on WAY-FM. Want to know what the Music Team chose as the top 10 songs of 2014? Check it out. 10. Casting Crowns – Thrive   9. Sidewalk Prophets – Keep Making Me   8. Crowder – I Am   7. Unspoken – Start a Fire   6. For King & Country – Fix My Eyes   5. Big… … Continue reading

Why WAY FM Artists Are Dumping Ice Water Over Their Heads

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has spread to some of our very own WAY FM artists! If you’re wondering why people across America are dumping buckets of ice water over their heads, you’re not alone. In fact, Mandisa was wondering the same thing! The ALS Association started the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money and get people talking about “a world without ALS.” ALS is a disease that attacks the nervous system and this organization… … Continue reading

5 Reasons We Follow David Crowder (And You Should, Too!)

David Crowder is a name a lot of Christian music fans know and love. Whether you’re a long-time fan, or you’re just getting to know him, he’s worth the follow on Facebook or Twitter. Check out our reasons why! 1. He tells us about little-known “gems” of society. oh my word atlanta. just had taco bell delivered. i’m not even sure what to do i’m so happy. — David Crowder (@crowdermusic) July 26, 2014… … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: David Crowder Shaves Wally?

David Crowder may be famous for his hair, but Wally isn’t far behind. Both are pretty distinct, yes?   Back before Wally was even a morning show, David Crowder actually shaved Wally’s facial hair however he wanted to during an interview. You can watch it for yourself right here. … Continue reading

10 WAY-FM Song Videos You’ll Want to Share

Every single day, you hear uplifting music on WAY-FM. We hope it inspires you, challenges you, and makes you want to live out your faith even more. Have you ever heard a song and immediately thought of someone who needed to hear it? Well, this article is for you. This list if full of some of our favorite song videos that are easy to share, on your Facebook page, or just by sending a link.… … Continue reading