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I think it was Jon Acuff who coined the acronym P.R.T. or Pray Right Then…I might be wrong but I think it was him. Either way, this is something that God has been putting on my heart a lot lately…to stop and pray right then versus thinking I’ll just get to it later. I like to think that I lead such a busy life and maybe compared to some I do, but even in my… … Continue reading

Praying for Brokenness? – with Sidewalk Prophets

Have you ever asked God to make you broken? It’s not a prayer that normally pops into our heads, but Dave Frey from Sidewalk Prophets knows it’s powerful. He talks about how that idea inspired the song, “Keep Making Me.” “Make me empty” is important so that we can fill those empty places in our lives with God. I thought about what it means to pray “make me lonely.” I am praying to God to… … Continue reading