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Lincoln Brewster Shares How The California Wildfires Have Devastated His Community

WAY-FM artist, Lincoln Brewster, is a worship pastor at Bayside Church near Sacramento, CA. The recent wildfires have devastated many areas in the community where his church reaches. He shares what he’s seen and how you can help.   The fires continue to rage in the Santa Rosa area. These are the worst fires ever recorded in California. We’ve partnered with Convoy of Hope and have sent Bayside staff to help. If you would like… … Continue reading

Here’s What You Can Do NOW to Support Victims of Hurricane Harvey

You see the video footage, another picture. Houston, Corpus Christi, and other areas of Texas are being inundated with rain and severe flooding. We believe in the power of prayer and will continue to show support in this way, but are there tangible ways to help, too? Yes! Here are two ministries that do an incredible job at catastrophe response. We’ve seen their work firsthand and would highly encourage you to come alongside them if… … Continue reading

How to Pray for the Lives Affected by Hurricane Harvey

You’re seeing lots of coverage about Hurricane Harvey tearing through Texas. But it can be hard to know how to pray for those involved. Listen or read our prayer for Houston and the surrounding areas and consider joining us in prayer today. Father, we ask for relief for those impacted by this storm. We thank you that the winds were less severe than predicted and also ask you to lessen the rainfall in Houston and the… … Continue reading