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Joy, Faith, and Hope In The Midst Of Poverty

Too often my joy is attached to material possessions. Too often my faith is attached to the outcome of my circumstances. Too often my hope is attached to self-doubt… and I don’t live in poverty. Someone living in extreme poverty definitely wouldn’t have joy, faith, or hope, right? If you have nothing, where does your joy come from? If your circumstances are only getting worse, where does your faith come from? If you’re treated as… … Continue reading

The One Phrase that Changed this Compassion Kid’s Pain into His Platform

Imagine that your stomach is growling and you desperately want some food but there is only one way to get it. You have to go looking for glass bottles along the road or in trash cans and exchange them for a little bit of money to buy food. This sounds horrible and foreign compared to our lives of drive throughs and  trips to the fridge, but it’s been a reality for Jeremiah. As a child… … Continue reading

10 Photos of Dominican Republic: From Paradise to Poverty

If you’re planning your next vacation, you may consider some amazing places in the Dominican Republic. And rightly so! This country is stunning! I recently experienced the Dominican Republic from behind a camera lens. What I found was intriguing, sobering, and ultimately, beautiful. Take the journey with me in these photos. “Contrast” – Gualey, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic – beautiful and vibrant! But also impoverished. A family in less than desirable circumstances showed us their gorgeous view of… … Continue reading

You Were a Mistake

Sometimes, a few scattered letters that are formed into words, strung together in a sentence, and spoken in anger can destroy someone’s life. Our words have power. However, they also have the power to build someone up and help them accomplish even more than they thought was possible. This is the story of one boy and the two people speaking words into his life. One spoke words of hurt, but the other chose to use… … Continue reading

Rooting for the Underdog

Whether it’s a sports team, a movie, or a Compassion project, I always root for the underdog. So it makes sense that I instantly gravitated toward Yowar. He was the outcast of Compassion Project DR0302. He sat quietly off to the side and was oblivious to the joyous anarchy that ensues whenever Americans show up to a Compassion project. The kids all greeted us in song, but not Yowar. He kept his head down and… … Continue reading

I Saw the Sign!

If you stop for a second to look around, you will notice there are signs for everything: signs telling you where to go, signs warning you about danger, signs trying to persuade you to buy something you probably don’t need, and even songs about signs. Ace of Base famously sang, “I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes.” That is what happened to me today. I saw a sign from God posted on… … Continue reading

Music Draws Emotion Even If You Can’t Understand It

There’s a feeling you get when you hear your favorite song. Maybe it causes you to tap your toe or the steering wheel. Maybe it causes you to sing out loud or you start to cry. Maybe it leads you to worship or reminds you that God is with you. Music draws emotion. And the amazing thing is, you can feel that emotion even when you don’t know the words. I can only make out… … Continue reading

Valerie’s Favorite Bible Story Sums Up Why I Love Compassion International

Little arms wrapped around my waist as I heard the words, “This is Valerie.” I looked down to see the cutest 5 year old girl with the fluffiest ponytail I’ve ever seen. Although she seemed nervous she had the biggest smile all over her face! This was a special moment I will will never forget. I was meeting my brand new sponsor child in the Dominican Republic through Compassion International named Valerie. We spent the next… … Continue reading

Hope Blossoming in the Midst of Desperation

If you have ever turned down a road in a sketchy part of town and looked to make sure your doors were locked, you are not alone. That is how our day started as we went to visit the home of a mother and her kids in a very dangerous part of the Dominican Republic. People with Compassion have been robbed and assaulted here before, so we were assigned a bodyguard to protect us, even… … Continue reading