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5 Reasons This Easter Will Be the Best One Yet

Everything in the world is different because of COVID-19, and that includes Easter. While it’s a bummer that we can’t meet in person to celebrate, here’s why I think we’ll look back on this Easter as one of our favorites:  1. Online Church While I realize that online church is not the same as gathering, we’re in a really unique position this year. It’s now easier than ever to invite a friend to church, and… … Continue reading

Tiger Woods, Grace and Easter

They are calling it the “biggest sports comeback of all time.” Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters by one stroke. It was his 15th major title, his first in almost 11 years. It’s being called the greatest sports comeback ever. But I beg to differ.  OK, OK. I’m no sports fanatic. No expert for sure. This is a golf thing, right?  But I think this is way more than a sports comeback. If you are… … Continue reading

Things Got Messy with Our Easter Egg-stravaganza

We may be too old for Easter egg hunts, but we still wanted to have a little fun with some Easter-themed games! Things got out of hand when Wally and Betty tried to read phrases with peeps in their mouths, and Bekah and Zach are still washing egg out of their hair after trying to catch a mixture of hardboiled and raw eggs in a bowl on their heads. Check out the festivities and the… … Continue reading

5 Songs That Will Give You Reason to Praise on Easter!

Easter means celebrating the day that Christ squashed sin, death, and despair and permanently replaced it with redemption, grace, and hope. It’s the reason we sing. Take a moment to let this incredible victory sink in and praise God for it! Here are 5 songs that will help fill you with joy, gratitude, and a beautiful reminder of God’s grace on this amazing day. Death Was Arrested – North Point InsideOut Jesus’ death marked the… … Continue reading

This Chris Tomlin Song Will Remind You What Good Friday is All About

“Where your love ran red and our sin washed white” “You know, you feel like you’ve sung every way to sing about the cross that you can, then a line like that comes along and you just see it all brand new again.” That’s Chris Tomlin talking about the song, “At the Cross (Love Ran Red.) While writing it, and now while singing it, the reason we celebrate Good Friday and Easter weekend became more… … Continue reading

These 4 Songs Powerfully Describe the Meaning of Easter

Words fail to explain the beauty of the Easter story. But sometimes music communicates in a way words can’t. Here are 4 incredible songs to help you think on the significance of Jesus’s resurrection. We hope they help you worship, remind you of the beautiful truth, and bring you deep joy. Have a blessed Easter celebrating life and freedom in Christ! 1. Matt Maher – Because He Lives   2. Lauren Daigle – How Can… … Continue reading

Day 7: When You Can’t See the Bigger Picture

A lot of people just didn’t get it. Jesus was right there in front of them loving on them and teaching them. But do we “get it?” What happens when we have trouble seeing the big picture? Bekah from The Wally Show leads today’s thought provoking discussion on Isaiah 53. We’re going through 8 Days of Easter with the World’s Biggest Small Group right now (March 29th – April 5th.) Want to join us? Click… … Continue reading

Day 6: What does the Crucifixion teach us about God?

What does the Crucifixion teach us about God and our lives today? It’s kind of a tough topic, but it’s super important. Rebie, our resident web girl and Wally’s Blog Reporter, asks those very questions in today’s discussion on John 19. We’re going through 8 Days of Easter with the World’s Biggest Small Group right now (March 29th – April 5th.) Want to join us? Click below! … Continue reading