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Daigle and Degeneres: The Dynamics of This Duo

I know there are some well-meaning Christians who seem to be a bit confused as to why a Christian artist like Lauren Daigle would go on the show of a “Godless sinner like Ellen.” Sadly, that was an exact quote from a preacher’s wife who called me after we talked to Lauren Daigle about her performance on the Ellen Show. Those words reverberated in my head, and I found myself both flabbergasted and frustrated. The… … Continue reading

Does God Understand Our Hurt?

Wally, I listen to your radio show every day! In fact, for the last 3 years, WAY-FM has been all I’ve listened to in the car. Last year, my husband and I separated, and I felt my world was ending. Your show–the music, your banter, and the jokes–helped me through what I thought were my darkest days. Seven weeks ago, my 17-year-old son took his own life. Now, my faith in God is barely hanging on. I haven’t… … Continue reading

But What If I Don’t Have a Good Dad?

Hi Wally, I was hearing your letter that you wrote to your dad, and it broke me. I cried for about 10 minutes. I wish my dad was like yours, but my father is a narcissistic person. He has done some horrible things and can’t seem to recognize that his actions are hurtful. When I was a little boy, I thought that I loved him because he acted fatherly, but I don’t know what happened… … Continue reading

This Fun New Switchfoot Song Was Inspired By A Horrific Email

Jon Foreman from Switchfoot joins me on the “More Than The Music Podcast” to share the powerful and emotional stories behind their brand new album, “Where The Light Shines Through.” Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed One of the most fun songs on the new album is “Float” but Jon shares how it was inspired by an email that was very difficult to read. The song was actually inspired by my friend in Iraq… … Continue reading