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How Do I Reach Out to Neighbors Whose Lifestyle I Disagree with–and other Questions About Biblical Hospitality

Hanging on the wall in front of my writing desk is a picture of our house in 1940. I (Lance) look at that picture and think, Seventy-five years ago the Lord was in this neighborhood. My neighborhood. Way back then, God was seeking to bring the same compassion, care, peace, and mutual neighborly love he is encouraging people to do by prompting us to write this book. It is no different in your neighborhood. The Lord got… … Continue reading

This Boat Adventure Story Will Help You Share Your Faith

It was getting close to spring during my junior year of college. A few buddies and I decided to plan an epic spring break adventure. To qualify as “epic” it needed to involve a challenge that we weren’t sure we could actually pull off—a challenge that would blur the line between risky and just plain stupid. After about half an hour of scheming and consulting a map, we decided we would spend several nights on… … Continue reading

3 Arts That Will Help You Bring Up Conversations About Jesus

For a number of years during my commute to work, I would enter the highway at the same toll ramp almost every day. I would impatiently wait in the line of cars, wanting to get through the tollbooth as quickly as possible. As I waited to pay, I would see an anonymous hand reach out of the booth and go back in, then repeat this mechanical motion for each vehicle. Most commuters did not even… … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Not Your Ordinary Road Trip

This was no ordinary road trip. Back in 2009, it was time for Britt Nicole to record a music video for “The Lost Get Found.” She asked God to put people in her path who were in need, then set off on a road trip to encourage them. Britt co-wrote “The Lost Get Found” stemming from personal experience. She tells about the day God challenged her: “I was at the mall and there was a… … Continue reading

These Mormon kids didn’t see this coming

The Bible says to always be prepared to have an answer for your faith. This guy did.   Here are the verses used in the discussion if you’d like to read more: Luke 21:15 For I will give you the right words and such wisdom that none of your opponents will be able to reply or refute you! New Living Translation (NLT) 2 John 1:10 If anyone comes to your meeting and does not teach… … Continue reading

E-MESS: What is the point of telling people about Jesus?

Wally, I’ve realized you can’t change people’s minds. There is no convincing people. I’ve tried witnessing to a friend to no effect. I’ve tried being a good Christian example to no effect. I’ve studied hard to make sure my beliefs line up with the Bible so I can talk to other Christians who might have the wrong ideas about the Bible or the wrong opinion about God… and all that still to no effect. We’re… … Continue reading