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One Dad’s Story May Change How You See Your Family This Father’s Day

  It certainly wasn’t my plan. I was going to have the perfect little Christian family. I grew up as a preacher’s kid. My parents listened to Focus on the Family on the radio, and I did, too. I went to a Christian high school and eventually Evangel College in Springfield MO. After that, I took my first full time Christian radio job. Oh, I was so sure that I had it all figured out.… … Continue reading

Let’s Read Together!

We’ve been taught from an early age that reading is FUNdamental. It’s engrained in us to teach our children how to read for a number of developmental goals and reasons as they mature. But sometimes we forget the #1 reason why reading is so important It’s FUN! Reading takes us to places we’ve never been before or places we could never imagine! Another misconception about reading is that it is a solo activity! Ask anyone… … Continue reading

WAY-FM Reading Challenge

We all know that reading is FUNdamental! And that’s why 88.1 WAY-FM has partnered with the Ferst Foundation of Georgia for the WAY READING CHALLENGE!! We’re challenging families all over North Florida and South Georgia to spend 20 minutes a day reading TOGETHER as a family! It’s just that easy! You can even take it a step further – Go volunteer to read your local school, church, or daycare. Whatever it looks like for your… … Continue reading

14 Simple Ways to Show You Care

We asked you to tell us about a time you felt loved. Here’s 14 ways to love, as told by our readers. 🙂 1. Happy Just Because Day! “The nicest thing someone has done for me was to give me a gift. It was on a random day and I was so surprised and enjoyed the gift.” 2. Communicate Regularly “When we were dating, my husband didn’t have a house phone so he would drive down the road to a pay phone… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Pushing your kids

Wally, I was listening to you this week when you were saying that it is wrong for parents to encourage or “push” their kids. I could not disagree more. The job of parent is tough enough without a dis-jockey from a very large and well known multiple market radio station who is unfortunately a strong influence on many kids, sloshing such liberal views to our kids and just “beating the dead horse” until you feel… … Continue reading

E-MESS: Foster Care

Hi Wally I don’t know if you even go through and read your e-mails but I really feel like I should tell you this. Just six months ago I was taken out of my house by law enforcement and forced into a foster care system. While I am glad to be out of my house, going through the foster care system can be brutal especially being a 17 year old girl coming from an addicted… … Continue reading