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Dave from Sidewalk Prophets Crushes Karaoke

Dave from Sidewalk Prophets has one of the most impressive voices in Christian music, so we had some fun with him by “randomly” picking karaoke songs for him to sing. Dave also talked about all of the exciting things happening for him in 2020 including new music and a new baby! … Continue reading

3 Easy Prayers Every Father Should Pray

Today I learned the simple truth that your children see EVERYTHING! Even as young as my 6 month old son Dominic is, he is already pitching a fit if he doesn’t get to drink out of the same cups he sees his mom and me using. Just check the photo over there. He has to have his cup too or he’s just not happy with life for a few moments. As I laughed to my wife about… … Continue reading

3 Things Kids Need To Hear From Their Dads

Growing up my Mom was the emotional rock for our family. I love my Dad, he’s great, but emotion is something that was always lacking from my Dad. He was great at course correction, imparting wisdom, bringing up knowing who God is and why I need Jesus in my life, but showing emotion was hard for him. While I knew back than that I was loved, it was something he didn’t say all that much. While… … Continue reading

Don’t Be Sad It’s Over

Look, I’m going to give myself 20 minutes to write this, and no more. I can’t handle it. I’m going to type fast, and be done with it. So you’ll get it, mistakes and all. — I’m like a lot of dads: I’m not THAT emotional, but man, when I think about my kids, my little ones, growing up and away… well, like I said, I can’t handle it. I think about tucking them in… … Continue reading

The Krusty Sage: Your Kids Don’t Need Your Stupid Success Track For Crying Out Loud

(This guy keeps posting to my blog.  He’s WAY krusty, and I, for one, am continually offended by him. Who SAYS this stuff?  I admit I’m envious of his awesome beard and also that awesome chair.  But still.) Your kids don’t need your stupid success track.   Quit signing them up for a bunch of garbage and racing them around everywhere, and then griping about how you “just don’t have any time anymore to eat… … Continue reading